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  1. Paul says:

    I have to cook for 20 people and I thought Chicken Curry would be an easy way to go. Do you have any recipe suggestions?

    1. The Bald Vivant says:

      Sounds great. There are many varieties of curry. Singapore curries are different from Malaysian for instance and within India alone, you’ll find a huge array of flavors, Some can be sweet and red, others spicy hot and green, and everything in between.

      You are probably more interested in our Westernized curry and powder we find here in the United States which is mostly coriander, turmeric, and cumin.You can control how spicy hot you want your meal to be by adding your red pepper powder or paste as you go along. The key is to always use fresh ingredients. Contrary to what you may think, dry herbs and spices don’t have an indefinite shelf life. They will lose their potency and distinct aromas after only a few months sitting in your cupboard. You also can use a pre mixed version ( called Curry Powder of course) You’ll find a wide variety of choices for online ordering at

      Also, many curry recipes call for chicken breasts. When cooking for 20, you may want to consider boneless chicken thighs instead, as they are less apt to dry out while cooking and are more economical anyway. I like the pre-packaged meats at CostCo. While your’e there, stock up on the onions and peppers and rice you’ll need to serve your feast. (Don’t forget the Beer . It goes perfectly with Curry)

      My favorite site for Indian Recipes is But like any recipe, use it only as a reference. You will have to taste and adjust your curry as you’re cooking according to your palate and your guests tolerance for heat.


      The Bald Vivant

  2. Dan Siegler says:

    What are some of your favorite, affordable Spanish red wines and why do you like them?

    1. The Bald Vivant says:

      So many Spanish reds, so little time.
      I’m working on introducing a wine page to this site (I’m calling it VINO,keeping it simple) But this past Summer, I was hooked on Albariño from Galicia in Northwestern Spain. Crisp, refreshing and deep for a white, it got me out of the boring Pinot Grigio rut I usually find myself in during those hot Summer days. So please come back soon and check in to the VINO page now and then.


      The Bald Vivant

  3. Steve Wall says:

    I need a recipe for rabbit soup (not stew) that would make Elmer Fudd pwoud. My father in-law, an outdoorsy type, (not Fudd) is unable to hunt anymore and I wanted to make him a simple hearty game soup. I am not sure if I should make stock of the whole dressed rabbit, or just use a box of chicken or beef broth. Also, I have a bottle of Malbec and would like to know if that would be appropriate to add to the stock.

    1. The Bald Vivant says:

      Happy Holidays to you Steve.

      Ive not had tasty rabbit soup in my entire life, they tend to turn out greasy and bland. It was peasant food as a child growing up in Spain, and I never took to it.

      I would however suggest a delicious and simple Rabbit Bourguignon since you have that extra bottle of Malbec sitting around.

      Begin by sauteing chunks of your delicious bunny ( salt and pepper them before hand) in some good olive oil and a tad of butter in a cast iron or heavy duty skillet. When meat is slightly golden, set it aside and in the same pot ( with all the yummy bits reserved) begin a traditional Mirepoix ( carrots, celery, onions) and add bay leaf. ( add some salt to bring out the sweetness of the veggies)..Stir frequently at medium heat..when veggies are translucent and beginning to caramelize, add as much wine as you like and reduce by half and bring heat heat to low. Add bunny chunks, 1 cup beef or veggie stock, diced potatoes, and cover. Leave it alone for 2 hours and relax. Salt and pepper to taste.

      DELICIOUS! Trust me.

      Serve with nice crusty bread, arugula salad and a crackling fire.


      The Bald Vivant

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