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Adventurous and hungry fans  have hired The Bald Vivant to come into their home kitchens and prepare an evening of Tapas and Wine for  6-8 guests… I arrive with a few items Ive already prepared. Otherwise its like having your own  intimate cooking show right in the comfort of your own home.I focus on Spain, because its where I grew up and learned to cook and I love educating people on old school traditional Spanish fare. Its a fun night (including a Flamenco soundtrack) where you and your guests roll up your shirtsleeves and learn some tips on how  you too can be  a fabulous host . All while tasting and sipping the deliciousness of Spain. So if it’s at your grill at poolside in Summer,  by your fireplace in Fall, or for a festive Holiday gathering in December,  after an evening with The Bald Vivant , you will  have your friends drooling for more invites …We will prepare 6-8 Tapas dishes..Learn how to make delicious chorizo croquettes and stun your guests with specially selected Spanish Hams and Cheeses. Whats more, An  Evening with The Bald Vivant also includes appropriate wine pairings  and sangria that highlight the flavors of Spain.

Here is a sample menu of my Tapas Evening.



An Evening of Spanish Tapas with The Bald Vivant

Jamon Serrano, Chorizo, Quesos y Aceitunas (assorted spanish ham, chorizo, cheese and olive plate)

Tortilla Espanola (classic potato & onion omelet, withPa Am Tomaquet, a catalan tomato bread)

Citrus and Chili Octopus Salad

Boquerones  Sevillana (Andalusian style sardines)

Croquetas de Jamon,Chorizo,Queso,o Bacalao (croquettes of ham, chorizo, cheese or cod)

Gambas al Ajillo (shrimp sauteed in garlic, parsley, and white wine)

Lamb Pops drizzled with Sofrito Balsamic Reduction or Mint Chimichurri

Beef Short Ribs in Sherry and Shallots

Ensaladita de Bruselas o Asaparago (grilled and chilled brussel sprouts or asparagus salad)

Fruta y Vino (seasonal fruit stewed in wine, cinnamon, and citrus reduction with creme fraiche)

Spanish Manchego, Guava Paste, Dates and Fruit

This evening with The Bald Vivant includes appropriate wine pairings  and sangria that highlight the flavors of Spain





Jamon Serrano, Chorizo and Olives
Pa Am Tomaquet, a catalan tomato bread.
Tortilla, Cheeses, and Wine
Gambas al Ajillo


Contact The Bald Vivant for more info, rates, and availability at

Coming Soon….Paella at Your Home…With The Bald Vivant


  1. GWS says:

    Please come down to South Florida and serve some Tapas for me and my best friend Bob!!!

    1. The Bald Vivant says:

      I plan on it. Perhaps sometime this Fall or Winter!

  2. Markus says:

    Hi The Bald Vivant.
    It was a great lunch which you prepared yesterday. We loved your Tortilla de Patatas, we also found the recipe on your website.
    We definitely will try to do it also and we hope to have dinner coooked by you again.
    Trudi and Markus

    1. The Bald Vivant says:

      Trudi and Markus.
      It was a delight to meet you and prepare a spanish brunch for you this weekend. The tortilla is always a favorite. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Tell your friends.


      The Bald Vivant

  3. Andrew Stein says:

    The Bald Vivant Rocks Hastings!!
    So you hear on one day’s notice that your extended family from Europe and the West Coast, is landing at your house not your brother’s…what do you do?! Well, if you’re smart, you call the Bald Vivant! On almost no notice, you pulled together one of the best meals I’ve ever had, somehow managed to take the stress out of a family gathering (a minor miracle) and gave Arpine and I the opportunity to enjoy the day as much as everyone else did. We’re both huge fans and will definitely be doing this again. Thank you!!!
    Andrew Stein
    Hastings, NY

    1. The Bald Vivant says:


      I had so much fun. It was a blast. I live to make people happy. So glad you enjoyed it.. And yes, the food was delicious if I say so myself.


      The Bald Vivant

  4. Erika Weber says:

    Last night my family treated me to a birthday celebration and The Bald Vivant hosted. It was INCREDIBLE! The food was outstanding, his knowledge of the food was extensive and his warm and festive personality made it a night I will never forget. I highly recommend him if you are looking for something different and FUN!

    1. The Bald Vivant says:

      Happy Birthday, Erika. What fun we had at your celebration. I’m so happy you all enjoyed it. It was my pleasure.


      The Bald Vivant

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