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The Bald Vivant’s suggestions for outstanding wines at a great price. (I dont like to spend more than $20 on a good bottle, who does?)

I will mostly feature wines from Spain like my favorite find of this past Summer , Albariño (specifically the Martin Códax vineyard) but will also attempt to introduce you to other great wines from other regions of the world as well ( the delicious Greek Moschofilero grape is mind-boggling )

I will also welcome your comments and finds. I look forward to sharing and learning with you.


The Bald Vivant





  1. Liz says:

    Discovered a great Basque red wine called Karikiri at a really good price. If you can find it up in the U.S., buy it, you will love it. Goes great with lots of food and on its own!

    1. The Bald Vivant says:

      Thanks Liz. I look forward to trying it. I’m always looking for a good bargain too. Here’s more info.


      The Bald Vivant

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