Need a Mother’s Day idea? Try Macarons at Bisous Ciao

I happened upon a little boutique storefront in the Lower East Side the other day, and couldn’t resist peeking in.. Bisous Ciao is a tiny  no nonsense Macaron shop with the feel of a make-up counter in Soho. Pretentiously displayed 3- bite sweets were  lined up underneath the counter with a simple menu of  some  very exotic flavors to help you decide. Traditional flavors such as chocolate, lime and vanilla seemed too ordinary and   the strawberry- basil, or blood orange seemed too adventurous for me. I just wanted to pick one. I opted for the sour cherry, payed my $2.50 and the shopkeeper daintily wrapped it in a sealed cellophane package. Nice touch.

This was heaven. As soon as I took a bite into the crunchy exterior merengue and tasted the decadent sour cherry filling, I knew I was about to pick another flavor. I devoured it and chose the salty caramel. Another masterpiece.

So if you are in New York and need a treat for Mom this weekend, I highly suggest you check out Bisous Ciao Macaron at 101 Stanton St (between Ludlow and Orchard)  Heres their website, I dare you not to drool.


Bisous Ciao 101 Stanton St NYC
It really feels like a cosmetics counter here.
I chose this Sour Cherry, but there are about 10 to choose from… 

…some are pretty exotic. ….Rose Petal,Blood Orange and Strawberry-Basil Macarons anyone?

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