Grilled Shrimp and Salmon on the BBQ

I’m really into outdoor grilling and I cant wait for the weather to co-operate … but last night, I fired up the grill anyway and threw some shrimp and salmon on.


Really, there was nothing to it. I splashed lemon juice on the shrimp, and sprinkled it with some Cajun Spices ( salt,pepper,cayenne,paprika)..then I skewered it (for easy handling and  serving) and grilled for 3 minutes per side.


All I added to the salmon was salt and pepper and dill. I grilled for about 10 minutes (skin side) , flipped it carefully and then grilled for another 6-7 minutes. I prefer salmon medium well, you may like it less cooked or more well done. I added a generous amount of lemon AFTER grilling. It really made the meat pop that way.


I served it with a huge salad. Delicious and  healthy. Come on Spring!!



Skewering the Shrimp made grilling it a breeze. It also presented so nicely. I plated it with some lemon slices,rosemary sprigs, and cocktail sauce.
The less you do to Salmon, the better. All you need is salt and pepper, but I also added fresh dill.
Once I plated the salmon, then I added tons of lemon!

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